Jetset Seat Small Frame


Black/black with white pipning

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Picture yourself at Tapei in the 1960´s and if you where hip and in the in-crowd (for most people just a dream) you just have to own a slimstyle Lambretta!

Mr Chen who had his shop in the in the Jetset area of Tapei was during that era the top Lambretta seller and he designed and had make a extremely cool seat for his customers. We had the opportunity to with his blessing to remake this seat with modern materials and a design true to the original.  And yeah, we made a Soulscooter stamping tool for the base as well.

We got a lot of questions if we could do a Jetset seat also for Vespa. A main challange for this was that the Jetset design is very sleek and most Vespa seats tends to be a little bigger at the back because of the looking mechanism. The solution? Reverse!

Our Vespa Jetset seat opens in the front and with this solution we could design the seat so it equal slim as its Lambretta  sister.