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This oil is for all manual gear Vespas and Lambrettas, it is a high quality fully synthetic self mixing racing two stroke oil that fits well also in highly tuned Lambrettas and Vespas. It works both as pre mix and self mixing systems. We don’t recomend to mix it over 4% as this will fool the spark plug, if you like to run over 4% use instead a mineral oil instead. Find the facts sheet here

Below is our recommendation of mixing ratios, please note that these recommendations is from our experience and adjusted for the modern oils and is not always the same as in the instruction manuals that sometimes where written over 50 years ago! All scooters are different and you may need to adjust your mixture according to your specific scooter, this is even more important on tuned scooters where mixing ratio is quite unique to your scooter. (2% = 1dl in 5 litre of petrol, 4% = 2dl in 5 litre of petrol)

2% Lambretta DL, GP, Luna, Lui, Vega, Cometa, J, Cento
Vespa: all 50cc, SS90, Vespa 125, Primavera, ET3, PX, S, GT, GTR, P, TS, 150, GL, Sprint, Rally

2,5 – 3% tuned Vespa T5, Lambretta TS1 and RB

4% Lambretta: Li, TV, SX, C, LC, D, LD
Vespa: SS 180, GS 150/160, all Vespas before 1959

Specifications: JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD, API TC, Rotax 253

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