Gearbox oil Lambretta


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This oil is for the models Lambretta Li, TV, SX, DL, GP, Luna, Lui, Vega, Cometa, J, Cento and the transmission of Lambretta D/LD/C etc.

The specification from Innocenti where to use 700ml in the gear box ofLi, TV, SX, DL and GP but it have been found that 500ml is more suitable, so in these models use a whole bottle.

Innocenti did specify 450-550ml in Luna, Lui, Vega, Cometa, J and Cento and here we recomend you to use a whole bottle as well.

For C/LC/D/LD etc. this oil should only be used in the rear transmission, in the gear box and clutch the SC322 Vespa Gear box oil SAE30 should be used. In these models, fill up until it comes out from the oil level hole.

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